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Ok, so  luckily, I was able to start the old Diablo2.  It always took like 10 tries and even if the game  wasn't lagging, the picture was a bit buggy.  Later I figured out that i only need to start it  one or two times and I simply need to wait for minutes, so the game starts and the picture will be fine.

And now, I'm stucked at Andariel. Bahahahhahaha XD I hope I can beat down her milkjugs soon or later and I can continue to act 2 :)
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Fail incarnate

- English is not my native language. Sadly i also forgot a lot from it since i don't have daily english lessons, so i apologise for the grammar mistakes. Also feel free to correct me if i write something disturbilgly wrong. That would help me a lot.

- Any help or constructive critique are welcome about artistic themes (drawing, coloring, etc.) :)

- If i don't respond for something or if i respont late, i apologise for that.

- I had probem with my old scanner, so some of my older pictures are scanned in a very bad quality. I'm planning to re-scan them sometime.

- My photos have bad quality aswell, because my phone make terrible pictures.

- I put mature filter to EVERY picture i upload. This is for safety reasons. So if theres something what is marked ony for 'ideologically sensitive', than you can open it, it is almoust sure, that nthing bad is hiding there. If something is filtered for anything else, that it is deserving that filtering.

- If the only thing you can do is to b*tching about how do i treat my stuff here (filers, watermark, etc.), than stuck it in your *ss and fo to f*ck off. If you start to comment here about my treating methods i will klick to the 'block' button. Thats all.

- Even REPORTING is possible if you behave insulting. So if you don't have any better thing to do than mocking and b*tching about a picture (exspecially if it is not really interest you or you don't even like it), if your only point is to say something, than go the f*ck back ranting and spaming to Youtube and spread your disease THERE! This is an atristic page, NOT a freakin' cesspool of trolls! End of story.

- If you ask about the treatment of my pictures (mature filter, etc.) i will block you, regardless, that you liked/faved the picture or not. Exspecially, when the only thing you can say/ask about the picture is ’why mature?’. Why? Because it is f*ckin’ annoying! I take it as an insult, and that’s all.

- The 'artist comment'/description is not a decoration. I strongly advise you to read it.


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Aedua Feb 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
Ha érdekel, március 9-én lesz Budapesten képregény börze! Mindenféle képregény lesz, amerikai, japán, és sok remek magyar kiadvány is! De természetesen nem csak képregényeket lehet ott találni! Cosplayezni is lehet, sőt, aki valamilyen Marvel szuperhősnek öltözik, annak ingyenes a belépés. :)
Itt találsz a rendezvényről "hivatalos" infókat:…

Üdv és szép napot!:sun:

Köszi az infót, de nem vagyok képregény/manga fan :) Meg inkább kerülöm az embereket, minthogy közéjük menjek :shrug:

De majd elküldöm a linket egyik barátomnak.  Ő fotózik, lehet, hogy érdekelné :D
Aedua Feb 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
Oké, akkor bocsi. :)
Ja, semmi gond :) Elküldtem a linket a pajtinak, hátha kimegy csinálni pár fotót :)
Henderzon Dec 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks for the fave and the comment! :)
You are welcome :)
MegsnTerra Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
<3 lovely art
Thank you, and also thanks for the +watch :) :w00t:
Tompsontiger Aug 30, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the fav :)
You are welcome :dance:
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