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So, my little drunken birdies, I’ve done something what might surprise you.  I rerolled to my warlock.

I made a race change on both my lock and rogue, so now  my main is  an orc warlock and my ’first’ alt is an undead rogue. It might not sounds like  a big deal for some of you, but for those who know me better it might be surpriseing.

I play WoW since… like...perhaps 7 years, and my main was always the rogue. I loved it but I also loved the warlock. Warlocks always fascinated me. During Vanilla, I even  tought about rerolling, but back than, when leveling was  slower and I hardly deleted  even a level 20 characer. The other problem was, that I was on a PvP server, but only because the only person I knew irl, my former classmate, played there. I really hated the outdoor pvp, so it was safer outside with a character who can escape and hide. Beside that, back than warlocks needed to create soulstones from their victims in order to summon most of their demons or create a soul- or healthstone or to summon someone. So they were basically the sexiest class of them all, that was also a huge pain in the ass. Rumor has it, that at the very beginning, those soulstones worked as the mages oconjured things, they disappeared after re-logging.  So they were even worst than, but  even if later the stones became permanent, you needed to sacrifice an entire bag for them and keep it full with the stones  in  order to have a stone for eveything, because the those summonings  sonsumed the stones, 1 stone per demon/stone/summon, etc.

 The tought of switching a class popped into my head a few times during the years. When we finally switched to a PvE realm, I started to think about  the rerolling aswell. But I changed my mind again,  mostly, because it really saddened me, that there are so many things I can’t do with  my character anymore, because the Cataclysm changes (we migrated in the Cata exp.) .

Perhaps because I became more burned-out in Pandaria , the toguht of switching a class came more and more times into my mind. I decided, that all right, i’ll spend some cash to it, but I will change the appearance of two of my most beloved chars.  I played a lot with my lock back in BC , so I  have a lot of experience any dear memories with it, even if  not as much as with the rogue.  Sadly, as I mentioned before, some things became impossible to achieve again, but at least I will have all those ’trophies’ with my ’second in command’ character. So sadly it had its price, but this way the characters remained intact and didn’t become  alien. 

Sadly some problems still remained, for example you need 1800 rated Bg rating in order to become able to use the lvl 60 pvp sets for transmog (and you cannot transmog  Twilight cultist robe, which is kinda similar to the cloth sets.).  Overall I find this (fuckin) unfair. I won’t start to explain it, that is for another  journal, so please don’t start to speak about that in your comments! Sadly, I can’t even draw that robe properly on my orc, so I will take time to be able to draw it corretly (if i can’t come up with something better, but for now I can’t.)

Beside that, I’m an extreamly  devoted (sorry, my dictionaries are packed, I have only  google translator…) person,  my characters for me are like favorite toys for children. (Yes, I couldn’t have a tamagochy back than, boohoo…). So for me a drastic switch like that is really shocking and unthinkable. I know  most of the people don’t mind, and some people  switch chars like underwear, but not me.

Another info what could be interesting for you, that when I began to play WoW I was interested in pirate themes.  The favorite band of my teen years had a lot of pirate themes. And back them Lord of the Rings movies were in air, so I was thinking how I can match orcs with watery fights, so leather armor switched the plates, etc. And this is mostly why I picked the rogue back than.  To be honest I realised that pirates are not my cake at all, even if I liked the music oif the band, and I’m not interested in Lotr eather many-many years ago. However even if I totally left the pirate and Lotr  themes early in my WoW years, the rogue remained dear to me, even if warlocks ’turned me on’. ( Yes, I know that this is  an expression for sexual things,  but I used it here with purpose.)  Yes, hell, I loved them.

So  I must confess, I was kinda shocked, that I  did it, but perhaps I should have done this many  years ago, when I first toguht about it.

 So now I have like 2 months to level alchemy , do at least the BC and Woltk quests and reach exalted froma s much oldschool factions as possible. But I don’t think I will make the legendary cloak for her.

Well, I guess no Diablo 2 for me for a while.


And now some different theme: the zoo of our capital city finally  managed to get an anteater (giant anteater). :squee: I asked my bro, that can I travel there to visit the zoo (he lives in that city), and he took me and her little daughter  there.  :happybounce:So I finally saw a real, living one of my favorite animal. :la: And of course it was awsome to spend some time with them. :manhug: And beside that, now there were finally anteater plushies in the zoo-shop, so I was able to buy myself one. :dummy: But I guess I recieved muscle fever  by holding my little niece  for too long XD

  • Mood: Love


Fail incarnate

- English is not my native language. Sadly i also forgot a lot from it since i don't have daily english lessons, so i apologise for the grammar mistakes. Also feel free to correct me if i write something disturbilgly wrong. That would help me a lot.

- Any help or constructive critique are welcome about artistic themes (drawing, coloring, etc.) :)

- If i don't respond for something or if i respont late, i apologise for that.

- I had probem with my old scanner, so some of my older pictures are scanned in a very bad quality. I'm planning to re-scan them sometime.

- My photos have bad quality aswell, because my phone make terrible pictures.

- I put mature filter to EVERY picture i upload. This is for safety reasons. So if theres something what is marked ony for 'ideologically sensitive', than you can open it, it is almoust sure, that nthing bad is hiding there. If something is filtered for anything else, that it is deserving that filtering.

- If the only thing you can do is to b*tching about how do i treat my stuff here (filers, watermark, etc.), than stuck it in your *ss and fo to f*ck off. If you start to comment here about my treating methods i will klick to the 'block' button. Thats all.

- Even REPORTING is possible if you behave insulting. So if you don't have any better thing to do than mocking and b*tching about a picture (exspecially if it is not really interest you or you don't even like it), if your only point is to say something, than go the f*ck back ranting and spaming to Youtube and spread your disease THERE! This is an atristic page, NOT a freakin' cesspool of trolls! End of story.

- If you ask about the treatment of my pictures (mature filter, etc.) i will block you, regardless, that you liked/faved the picture or not. Exspecially, when the only thing you can say/ask about the picture is ’why mature?’. Why? Because it is f*ckin’ annoying! I take it as an insult, and that’s all.

- The 'artist comment'/description is not a decoration. I strongly advise you to read it.


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Aedua Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
Ha érdekel, március 9-én lesz Budapesten képregény börze! Mindenféle képregény lesz, amerikai, japán, és sok remek magyar kiadvány is! De természetesen nem csak képregényeket lehet ott találni! Cosplayezni is lehet, sőt, aki valamilyen Marvel szuperhősnek öltözik, annak ingyenes a belépés. :)
Itt találsz a rendezvényről "hivatalos" infókat:…

Üdv és szép napot!:sun:
Xquerade Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014

Köszi az infót, de nem vagyok képregény/manga fan :) Meg inkább kerülöm az embereket, minthogy közéjük menjek :shrug:

De majd elküldöm a linket egyik barátomnak.  Ő fotózik, lehet, hogy érdekelné :D
Aedua Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
Oké, akkor bocsi. :)
Xquerade Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
Ja, semmi gond :) Elküldtem a linket a pajtinak, hátha kimegy csinálni pár fotót :)
Henderzon Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks for the fave and the comment! :)
Xquerade Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013
You are welcome :)
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<3 lovely art
Xquerade Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Thank you, and also thanks for the +watch :) :w00t:
Tompsontiger Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the fav :)
Xquerade Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
You are welcome :dance:
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